Freedom Mindset

Elevate yourself with some of the most transformative wisdom and ideas on Earth. Build personal relationships in ways to uplift you and loved ones. Enjoy life-changing personal development programs and life coaches who walk with you step-by-step through full accountability to your recovery.

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Health and Beauty

Increasing energy levels may reduce unhealthy food cravings and improve mental clarity and focus. A healthy body means you can enjoy normal weight, beautiful skin, improve digestion, and alleviate blood sugar irregularities to create a body that supports you in healthy recovery.

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Financial Freedom

How badly do you want to achieve your dream? A simple wish won’t cut it. Set personal wealth goals big enough so you stay motivated to keep going, even when all you feel like doing is giving up! Wealth is simply one path to freedom. Creating your wealth and managing it are vital to your recovery.

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Your Path To Freedom

Recovery Stars provides scholarship funds to survivors of chemical addiction. We use digital systems and life coaches to deliver life-changing programs that inspire survivors of chemical addiction to thrive and reach their fullest human potential to be the best they can be, right now, today.

Three pathways must be in balance to experience the freedom of recovery in our world today. The inspiration that comes with true freedom requires that mindset, health and wealth components operate in a state of peak performance.

Our philosophy is to leverage the power of digital technology so people have the time and freedom to create more harmonious lives that enhance human experience and further inspire mankind for the advancement of future generations.

Do you want to live an extraordinary life?

Our team of experts have searched around the globe to deliver the "best of the best" in digital products and life coaches available today so you live a unique life of abundance and freedom!

We have carefully hand selected the most life-changing programs for you. We make it so easy for you to apply for your scholarship funds today.

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